“Heather and le Motif partnered with us in developing a communications plan. Our network leadership team thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and it resulted in a wonderful resource for our network. Heather’s ability to hear what was important to us and guide us through the multifaceted process was greatly valued. We recommend her highly.”

“We are so grateful for the outstanding consultant services provided by Heather Pubols at le Motif. She helped our network to tell our story better—creating a communications strategy that reflected our ethos, helping us discover the gifts and skills of people in our network, and then putting those skills to work in an online story database that has lots of potential for us as we grow. In addition, she helped us develop a photo library, securing an initial contribution of quality professional images that are providing real value for our members. You will love working with Heather!”

“It has been a joy to work with Heather over the past nine months on a book project. She is professional, detailed, and brings joy to all of our meetings and interactions. I could not have had this book project come to fruition without her expertise and assistance.”

“Although the Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) has been in existence for fifty-five years, we recently published an edition that demanded special expertise. Heather was recommended to us, and she did not disappoint. She expertly spearheaded the entire edition and brought it to fruition well within our time frame. We were amazed at her networking posture in the global missions community that was necessary for this project. In the end we listed her as co-editor in the credits of that edition of the journal. I would highly recommend Heather to any who are looking for professional assistance.”

Marv Newell

“Heather brings valuable skills and passion to ministry communications. She not only provided expert editing skills in preparation of articles for publication for us, but she sought to understand the goals and objectives of the publication we worked on together.  Her cross-cultural experience and heart for unreached peoples are strongly evident in her work and also give her a unique perspective on the task. I look forward to working with her on future projects, and I can strongly recommend her work to other ministries.”

David Hupp

“Heather helped us see the potential of social media engagement. …We can now see a way forward in which engagement rather than broadcast becomes the norm. Heather was unobtrusive and gracious with her advice and helped us practically to tell stories on social media in an engaging way grabbing both hearts and minds.”

John Greenall

“I love [Heather’s] passion and the ethos behind her mission: just as Acts is full of stories of the church and how God was building his Kingdom, Christian organisations should tell the stories of their part in the building God’s kingdom, today. Heather has helped us to do this by thinking about our organisational voice, key messaging, telling stories and telling them well.”

Rachel Owusu-Ankomah

“Heather has helped us as a fledgling nonprofit to fuse our ministry and message in order to bring our story to life in new ways. She pointed out possibilities we had not previously considered and provided a clear plan to guide us. Not only have we found more clarity and continuity in our communication, we have also been energized in the work we do through Heather’s creativity, expertise, and support. …I highly recommend her to other organizations that are seeking to maximize their impact for the Kingdom.”

“Heather quickly picked up on the nuances of our organization’s mission and ethos and crafted a communications strategy that was both workable within our limitations and easily scalable. She quickly brought together a team of freelancers that fit our budget and has smoothly managed their work in executing the first stage of our new communications plan. She has been a great help and her work will surely help our school better communicate and carry out our mission. Thank you Heather.”

Daniel Burbeck

“Heather is helping our organization communicate better with our partners by helping us cast the vision of what God is doing through LHI’s important work more clearly. Her input has been an answer to our prayers! Heather generously assisted in areas like social media messaging, storytelling, system refinement…challenging several things we do in order to help us do greater justice to what God has called us to.”

Dave Wied

“Heather consulted with us moving us from scatted and weak communications toward a renewed, powerful, cohesive and effective strategy. On behalf of iTEE Global, I am indebted to Heather for her patience, energy, skill and commitment in helping us become the communicators we need to become in order to achieve the vision and mission God has set before our ministry.”

George Law

“GILLBT has on a number of occasions engaged Heather as a consultant to help us develop strategies to better engage with audiences in Ghana, and beyond. Heather brings to her advisory/consultancy work a technical competence that is assuring, and a warmth of personality that is infectious!”

Paul Opoku-Mensah

“Heather is a skilled and self-motivated team player. Her unique combination of joyful creativity and professionalism are a refreshing quality. I am very grateful to Heather for helping us develop a comprehensive rebrand. Our team morale was boosted by the new look and professional standard. Heather also helped us to feature some of our key strategies in stories created for a global audience.”

Karen Floor