Webinar – A Diverse Audience in a Changing World

The first guest presented webinar for missions communicators is now available here and on the le Motif YouTube channel. This 30 minute webinar was presented by Florence Wamae on “A Diverse Audience in a Changing World.”

Telling Your Network Story – Now an E-Book!

The content from May 2020’s webinar and July 2020’s e-course is now in an e-book! If you are a part of a ministry network and want to learn how you can more effectively share the story of your network and its cause, this e-book will be a valuable tool for you. 

LeMotif Resources on Sale Through 15 January 2020

A growing collection of downloadable resources is available on LeMotif’s shop, and the price is reduced to just 95 cents through 15 January 2020.

Simplicity Gone Astray

In 2012 I took a media team to a country in central Africa to get stories about Bible translation projects in the country. We stayed in a guesthouse at an educational institution, and nearby was a school for the students’ children.