Telling Your Network Story – Now an E-Book!

Remember that webinar in May that I did for visionSynergy that then evolved into an e-course I offered in July? Well, it’s evolved once more! The content is now packaged nicely in an e-book available for purchase and download in the shop. Find it here.

If you are a part of a ministry network and want to learn how you can more effectively share the story of your network and its cause, this will be a valuable tool for you. Version 1 (released in August 2020) includes four main chapters (why, what, who and how) as well as appendices with extra resources and exercises.

Until 30 September 2020, you can download the book for free using the coupon code 100. The code is good for one item per purchase, so be sure that the book is the only item in your cart at the time of check-out.