EMQ January 2020

Telling the Collaboration Story

What difference does working together make? Does it even matter? Those are some of the questions explored in the latest issue of Evangelical Missions Quarterly. Find the issue here.

I was given the opportunity to work with Eldon Porter of LinkingGlobalVoices.com on this special issue. It features articles about 14 mission networks as well as information about why mission networks are valuable and why missions and churches should consider engaging with them. You’ll find a couple articles from me in there. I co-wrote Better Together: Finding Your Place in Today’s Interconnected Reality with Eldon. And, I also wrote an article, Going Together Where We Can’t Go Alone: Mission Focused Networks, about networks which bring organizations together that work in challenging contexts.

Collaboration is a topic I’ve been interested in for many years. Many people don’t know that much of global mission takes place, today, through the cooperation of local and international churches and many different organizations. My hope is that this EMQ issue will raise more awareness about collaboration.

During my years leading the Wycliffe News Network, we covered a few stories which highlighted collaboration.


Local and National Partnerships:

For some, stories about collaboration don’t seem very inspiring. However, when organizations and individuals come together, God works in ways that are not possible when we try to go it alone. Have a read and see what you think.