Win Internally to Win Externally

by Florence Wamae

Technical expertise in media production and clear messaging is fundamental to successful external communication. However, this success will not stand if an organisation’s internal culture is not aligned. Messages both internally and externally must be synchronized and consistent.

For this to happen, the leadership of an organization must be involved in the development of the communications strategy. Their engagement ensures that the message is aligned not only with the mission, vision and core values of the organization but also with the heart and mind of the leadership.

Winning Internally

Internal Communication

All workers must know and understand who your organisation is and what it does. They must also know your organisation’s history, mission, vision, core values, objectives and goals. To achieve this ensure that you provide the following:

  • Good orientation
  • Departmental meetings and training workshops organised by your communications team
  • Visual reminders: posters, merchandise, etc

Winning Externally

External Communication

Develop a strong communication department or bring in a multiskilled individual. This individual or department needs to be able to communicate your organisational message clearly, understand your primary and secondary audiences, and know how to use the most appropriate media to reach your audiences. The essential skills your communications team or individual need for success include:

  • Technical expertise in media production skills such as writing, editing, social media, photography, and videography
  • Great interpersonal communications skills